Casual TV Installation by TV Installation New York can make incidental room furnishings accommodating of todays’ high resolution flat panel displays and their supporting components. With a “no-visible-means-of-support” appearance, we conceal the wires necessary for reference-quality performance, leaving your decorative nuances intact while providing access to the finest video technology available. TV Installation NY has carefully developed methods and strategies that place the impact and enjoyment of big screen video within your favorite room, and has satisfied discerning clientele with intuitive command systems, making controlling these technical marvels second nature. Even the sleekest high-resolution TVs can go from wall-hugging to articulated with little effort. Our application of the finest brackets available can have your investment do double duty, freeing you to manipulate your flat screen in whichever direction suits you. Your perfectly-placed TV looks amazing on the wall facing your most comfortable chair, though the flexibility to “aim” it toward the Kitchen or Dinette comes in handy when you want to catch a quick update (and a quick bite!).