Contemporary interiors accommodate theater design, in many ways, like no other palette. Casual comfort places the private theater viewer in a relaxed, absorptive state, receptive to the dynamic cues present in the soundscapes and images making up our favorite movies and shows. Home Theater Installation New York pride ourselves in being able to transform modern, lifestyle-oriented interiors into reference-level dedicated home theaters, and then back again! Automated filmscreens and projector lifts descend into presentation position at the touch of a button, and disappear just as easily, returning your homes’ casual comfort to its’ domestic former self. Home Theater Installation New York’s home theater designs integrate thermostat and lighting control into the plan, accommodating a true environment-preference sense of command. Our lifestyle designs incorporate the virtual invisibility of major components, making each and every enjoyable theater presentation unencumbered by the intrusion of less-than-decorative equipment, effectively removing anything between you, your home, and an impactful theater experience.