Television Installation New York has accommodated performance video into some of the finest furnishings residentially available. Interiors of any style, be they classic and contemporary, thematically lush or cleanly sparse, can benefit from the technological marvels that are todays’ Ultra-resolution TVs without sacrificing craftsmanship or beauty. What’s more, the integrity of the interiors’ appearance needn’t have its’ flow interrupted by the black metal boxes that are part and parcel of quality TV installations. Our experience in built-in application of flat panel displays has Television Installation New York uniquely qualified to accommodate the structural and visual specifications of the most demanding decorative structures. “Edgeless” applications seem to vanish the television, framing it within the furnishing itself. And with custom-designed control systems, supportive components like cable tuners, streaming servers, and BluRay disc players can be controlled tip to toe, sight unseen within your custom-designed wall unit. Beautiful and talented. That’s the TV Installation New York way.