Todays’ vast Ultra-Resolution TVs have given the “big screen” experience a formidable contribution. Contemporary interiors, equipped with sight-unseen, performance-oriented components can transform the Family Room into a dynamic theater, virtually invisibly. Suddenly, the “TV Room” is the homes’ dedicated theater. Sleek, wall-hugging big screens are only the beginning of Home Theater Installation New Yorks’ strategy when developing home theater installation solutions. The rooms’ interior creativity, appearance and comfort need not be intruded upon in order to have you immersed in your favorite motion picture, broadcast, or event. Purpose-built speaker arrays can be integrated into ceiling and wall treatments, remaining heard and not seen. Tactile transducers integrated into furnishings let you “feel” the impact and dynamics of soundtracks as directors and musicians intended. And with the familiarity of handheld control, Home Theater Installation New Yorks’ custom-programmed systems are intuitive to operate, removing yet another boundary between you and enjoying a distinctive home theater experience.