Home Theater Installation New York has a distinction amongst our peers that perhaps is our most cherished. Our expertise in the design of classically-designed theaters stems from our involvement in iconic theaters designed and built across the east coast. For a long, long time. Purpose-built rooms, with the design strategies, materials, and architectural details that go along with them, render results that can only be described as otherworldly. As elegantly as appointed theater seating can match wall treatment and sconce lighting, so can the acoustically true structure breathe life into some of the finest theater electronics available. Presentations transcend video, and become experiences, replete with soundscapes and images as the director intended. Dramas grasp and hold your emotion. Events thrill you. Sound and Vision suspend time and space. Home Theater Installation New York learned long ago what film and cinema professionals have known since their dawn; the careful balance of subtlety and severity captures an audience. Talk to us about the immersive qualities you’d like to experience with a dedicated home theater designed and installed by Home Theater Installation New York.